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    Jerry Poh

    Jerry Poh

    Music Producer | Arranger | Keyboardist

    An Alumni of the Diploma in Music & Audio Technology course from Singapore Polytechnic, Jerry helms his own company at JERRY POH PRODUCTIONS and has been actively involved with notable acts both local and overseas.


    He produced songs with fellow Producer, Hubert Ng 黃宇哲 for Taiwanese Celebrities The Couple 那對夫妻 with their single - “紫微啊紫微” hitting a total of more than 3 million views on Facebook and Youtube. He also produced Zhao 曾兆禾 debut Korean Single, STAY hitting #9 on the iTunes Charts.


    Jerry also worked with artistes like StellaVee 慧娴与薇倪 (SG), The Cold Cut Duo 雙節奏 (SG), Marcus Lee 李俊緯 (SG), Jason Chen (LA), Danny Koo 許佳麟 (Msia), Lillian Chan 陳凱彤 (HK) and several other local singers as well. Jerry also got the golden opportunity to arrange for contestants (李喆,吱吱) on Taiwanese Singing Competition - Jungle Voice 聲林之王 .


    Out of the studio, Jerry staged with acts such as Derrick Hoh 何維健 (Warner Music) and Falling Feathers (Warner Music). He performed in Derrick’s “Back to 19” concert in Singapore (2017) and also opened for American Bands (Mayday Parade/Before You Exit) together with Falling Feathers (2016, 2017). Currently, Jerry plays keys with Timbre resident band, “Too Much Drama” at Switch by Timbre X.

    Having a diverse musical background, Jerry is able to combine his live performing experiences with his studio production skills. This allows him to bring a fresh and open-minded perspective to every artist and song he produces, taking each individual to the next level.

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